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The Best Ad Idea Ever

Wow. That's a big statement. So many to choose from. But I'm pretty sure you will admit this example is as brilliant now as it was 10 years ago.

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Why talk of emotional marketing in B2B makes me angry

There has been a lot of talk recently about emotion in marketing – largely instigated (in the UK at least) by the nice people at B2B Marketing magazine – but I have to say that many of the emotions that the coverage raises in me aren’t very positive ones. 

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What boiled cabbage can teach us about effective content marketing

When I was young, my mother would employ various tricks to make her children eat healthily. And funnily enough, I think we content marketers could learn from her experience…

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Account Executive

This role is a superb opportunity for ambitious graduates or those moving on from their first job

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To guest blog or not to guest blog?

Google has been warning webmasters about guest blogging for a while, but they are now seriously clamping down. However, guest blogging can still be used to create great content as part of your wider marketing strategy, if you follow a few simple guidelines.

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Vodafone campaign wins Gold in Best Of International Awards in Milan

This week in Milan, Base One carried off one of the prestigious Gold ‘Best Of International’ awards.

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The E3 Global Agency Network

How our clients have access to over 500 marketing professionals in 21 countries

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