Working with us

The processes that help us keep our promises

The way we work

We don't believe in process for the sake of process, but realise there's no point coming up with great plans and ideas if they can't be executed and delivered on time.  We understand the pressure our clients are under to deliver results. That's why we value project management as much as we do the creative process.

The Base One process: the 5Is

Our expertise across the marketing disciplines of B2B is underpinned by our common agency process, designed to get the best results from every project we do, every time.

We have an agile framework of 5 clear steps that we follow for every project, each with defined inputs and outputs. Within these 5 steps, we perform activities as necessary to meet the project objectives. These are defined up-front, and milestones are pinned to a schedule, so agency and client have aligned expectations and are clear on objectives, budget, deliverables and timeline. So then we can get on with the good stuff: the work. 


This covers the brief and initiation of the project, detailing the approach and process, the objectives, deliverables, success criteria, timeline and budget.


This critical phase covers research and understanding of the buyer, the business, the competiors. We utilise a range of tools and workshops to extract the insights.


Creative: developing the big idea.


Full production and delivery. Launch!


Post-launch measurement, refinement, execution of ongoing programmes (eg social media activity).

Exactly what goes into each stage varies depending upon the challenge at hand but, by having a consistent process, we ensure that everyone knows where they are and what they have to do.