About Base One

What's changed about Base One in the last few months.

Gravytrain acquires Base One in August 2015

Over the past few weeks Gravytrain has made a number of exciting announcements, however there are some which we have chosen to keep under our belts until the timing was right.  Those that know Gravytrain well will know that we share the same office space as Base One and that we have worked together on certain projects over the past few months.

As we have a good working relationship with Base One, we decided that we would acquire the company and continue trading under its name for the time being.

Discussing the move, Gravytrain Head of Digital Daniel Whitehouse said: “It is only early days so there is still a lot of discussions going on and planning for the future, however I can confirm that as of late August 2015 Gravytrain officially acquired Base One.

“I am sure that those with previous relationships with Base One will have some queries concerning the acquisition, which we are more than prepared to accommodate.  Even though change is often difficult, I can assure everyone that this is an exciting time for both Gravytrain and Base One and that we are looking to secure a prosperous future for both companies.”

As previously mentioned, thus far no concrete decisions have been made concerning the future of the Base One brand or company, however for now Gravytrain will continue to trade under the brand. 

We are also planning on contacting Base One’s past and present clients with further information as it becomes available, however in the meantime please contact Dan Whitehouse at dan.whitehouse@gravytrain.co.uk if you would like to discuss any aspect of Base One or Gravytrain.