Vodafone Global Enterprise

Interactive Training Graphic


Vodafone Global Enterprise is a multinational which provides telecommunications and information technology services to large corporations.

 The Project:

Following their acquisition of Cable & Wireless Worldwide, Vodafone was challenged with equipping their former mobile-only sales people with the know-how to sell fixed line services too. The training sessions had a lot to cover - market context, capabilities, technical info and the competition – potentially information overload.

Our Solution:

Base One worked with Vodafone to create an interactive approach to product training, featuring:

  • Interactive and engaging content
  • A holistic view of the market, product and the competition
  • Bite size resources for future learning actions

The hero piece was a ‘Big Picture’ graphic. Acting as the agenda, it was a visual representation of the content covered during the training day. There were embedded videos case studies included, icons used to highlight key trends and links to related resources that could be used after the training session. The visually engaging and dynamic graphic helped the sales people ‘journey’ through their training day in a fun and engaging way.