Integrated Campaign


Vodafone Global Enterprise is a multinational which provides telecommunications and information technology services to large corporations.

 The Project:

Our challenge was to reposition Vodafone’s role in Field Force Automation (FFA) as being more than just a mobile device/network provider.

Our Solution:

The strategy we developed went beyond FFA propositions offered by competitors and demonstrated the benefits of a Total Solutions approach. In this way it positioned Vodafone as a partner rather than merely a provider.

The strategy was implemented with a fully integrated campaign that:

  • built from the inside-out
  • used content to establish a presence and engagement
  • started mid “buying” funnel, moving up the funnel over time

‘A complete approach to field force automation from Vodafone.’

We took a two-phase approach:

Phase 1 – Sales engagement, sales training & establishing a web presence

Phase 2 – Traffic driving. We targeted sectors known to have a common need for improving the effectiveness of their mobile workforce, and focused on a particular sector each month, creating sector specific content and communications.

Starting the campaign further down the “buying” funnel than usual meant we achieved sales with the ‘low hanging fruit’ before moving up the funnel with awareness activity.

Three months in, the campaign had generated a return on investment from total spend to opportunities of over 1:10.