Vodafone Global Enterprise

Integrated Campaign


Vodafone Global Enterprise is a multinational which provides telecommunications and information technology services to large corporations.

 The Project:

When Vodafone acquired one of the UK's largest fixed line communications providers, Cable&Wireless Worldwide, investing over £900 million, it was very big news in the world of technology and communications.

Vodafone became overnight the only company to be able to offer truly integrated fixed and mobile communications, which suddenly presented a real opportunity for CIOs and technology leaders to innovate and make IT more central to their businesses.

Base One was asked to develop a strategy and creative idea that would communicate the unique fixed and mobile proposition to CIOs and technology leaders in large corporations. It needed to not only communicate the coming together of Vodafone and Cable&Wireless Worldwide but also why it was great news for CIOs and their businesses.

Our Solution:

'Inseparable from now on…'

 With this campaign idea we conveyed the message that Vodafone had combined mobile and fixed telephony and that they had become irreversibly connected – along with the benefits to businesses.

The campaign launched in June 2013 and consisted of print ads (national press), online display advertisements and OOH (tube stations and 120 railways stations coming into London) with two waves of creative.