Vodafone Global Enterprise

Content Marketing


Vodafone Global Enterprise is a multinational which provides telecommunications and information technology services to large corporations.

The Project:

The success of Vodafone in the large business/public sector segment is reliant on the sales and marketing teams working together and consistently landing the same messages with authority and confidence.

The key challenge was to arm the large businesses sales force with a tool that told Vodafone's story clearly and consistently. This tools should give them the confidence to speak about new areas of Vodafone's approach and introduce the solutions they offer to prospective clients.

Alongside this, we needed to persuade the sales team to change their presentation habits - to leave their conventional PowerPoint presentations behind and adopt the new tool.

In addition, this tool needed to:

  • Be easy to update, without having to re-install anything
  • Be secure
  • Have high-impact interactivity
  • Work offline (ruling out web-based apps)
  • Have a retina-screen enabled design – we didn’t want this to look like a web page or presentation
  • Have a ‘wow’ factor. (The sales team needed to feel proud of this tool)

The required outcome gaining more consideration for communication requirements beyond mobile for Vodafone – by showing the broader range of services and solutions that they offer to improve the performance of businesses.

Our Solution:

To combat the number of PowerPoint presentations being used by Vodafone sales people, the idea was to develop one single sales aid.

Enter iStory, a tablet-based app that is visually rich, full of content and prompts sales people to have an engaging and confident conversation with their customers.

It was important that the overall experience of the tool implicitly said a lot about the forward-thinking nature of Vodafone as well as the content itself. We looked to tablets as the way the users hold them and exchange them between themselves helps facilitate a conversation, rather than a presentation.

The app features:

  • Interactive menus
  • Videos
  • Customisable text
  • Animated and interactive infographics
  • ‘Learning notes’ for the sales team

The app achieved over 77% adoption amongst the sales team in the first 2 months.