Virgin Media Business

Marketing Tools


Virgin Media Business is a telecommunications provider specialising in providing services to businesses. They have the most advanced fibre optic network in the UK.

The Project:

We were asked to tell Virgin Media Business Public Services Network (PSN) story. However, PSN is a notoriously complex subject, beset by jargon and quickly descending into acronym hell.  Most telecoms providers struggle to explain it without snoozing or confusing their audience.  

We had to find a way to both educate users on what it is and to communicate the essence of the Virgin Media Business approach. 

The default way to do this would be to produce a video.  But we questioned how effective this would be, especially at events where we could not rely on sound. 

We looked to find a way to give users an experience that is interactive, fun and a bit different to the standard approach.  In short, something that a brand like Virgin should do: an alternative to video, something that competitors won’t or can’t do and something that let users read the story at their own pace. (We also wanted to make the most of HTML 5 techniques, and to use iPads at events as a way to get users to engage with the story)

Our Solution:

We created a parallax-scrolling interactive tool that playfully lets users scroll through the story.  

It’s cartoon-like, punctuated with fun animations and a great example of the new ways of narrative storytelling that you can do with current technology.

It’s distinctive, surprising and memorable.