Social Network Interface Design 


Procurious is a new community for procurement professionals.

The Project:

We needed to design the key interface for their site, define all GUI elements and then hand them over to their development team for implementation. As most of our target users are active on both Facebook and LinkedIn, with fairly fixed mental models about how community sites work, the challenge was to create an interface that was familiar enough to be immediately usable whilst being distinctive enough for the audience to understand how it could complement their use of LinkedIn rather than compete with it.

Our Solution:

The interface was developed iteratively using wireframed prototypes that were then refined through user testing. As Procurious is for a global audience, we reached out to representative users across the world by conducting remote usability testing with participants in locations such as Bangladesh, Australia and New Zealand.  This helped us assess first impressions across different cultures and backgrounds – it was important that users immediately felt this was a community site that could enhance their professional lives – and gave us great input that allowed us to refine the design options and to target the message.