Integrated Campaign


PayPal is an online payments system that supports online money transfers and serves as an electronic alternative to traditional paper methods like checks and money orders. They are one of the world's largest Internet payment companies and it operates as a payment processor for online vendors, auction sites and other commercial users.

The Project:

PayPal asked Base One to develop an integrated campaign that would raise awareness amongst online merchants of the value of using PayPal Express Checkout.

Shopping basket abandonment is a massive issue for online merchants. PayPal Express Checkout helps to increase the speed and efficiency of the process and therefore increases sales conversions by 33%.

Our Solution:

The benefit of using PayPal Express Checkout was communicated by the proposition “When things are this quick, more people make it to the end”. The proposition was accompanied by a creative treatment where various well-known films and books are condensed into a witty 5-second format – representing the speed with which payment can be processed with Express Checkout.

The campaign theme was reproduced in a number of mediums, creating a truly integrated campaign that reinforced the creative message. Press advertising and belly-wraps promoted the campaign off-line, while 5-second films were created for online advertising and YouTube. These films were also used at exhibitions, where the theme was refined still further by introducing the idea of a ‘5-second-cinema’. Delegates were invited to view the films, and even given a suitably tiny box of popcorn to last the duration of the movie.

High-value prospects also received DM in the form of a ‘Viewmaster’ device that allowed them to look and click through the stills of the 5-second film. Each type of communication carried a call to action to the 5-second-film landing page, which provided further information.

Our five second idea significantly helped PayPal increase all four key measurements of awareness among the target audience.

From the client:

“Increasing awareness of how our products can directly benefit our customers is critical to PayPal’s success and this campaign did exactly that. It was a highly creative idea that communicated product benefit and brand personality at the same time. Mid-campaign research showed a significant increase in all key measures, making this a highly successful initiative.”