Global Demand Generation


Kronos is a US-based firm that offers workforce management solutions – ie it helps companies capture data on staff attendance and availability so that they can better manage their deployment and effectiveness.

The Project:

But the B2B buying process for companies with which Kronos interacts is a complex one. There is a need for touchpoints throughout the buying cycle, and to all levels.

Content marketing and communications are about more than sending out whitepapers or product offers. We needed to think about specific marketing goals (whether to gain credibility with C-level or to put certain issues on the corporate agenda), and create some innovative and effective ways of solving specific problems.

Our Solution:

The Yes Test

Kronos prospects already receive a regular stream of high-quality content, including research into latest developments in workforce management. In order to engage with this group we needed to create a piece that helped them move on to the next stage by assessing how well they manage their workforce compared to others.

We created The Yes Test. The Yes Test simply asked a series of questions – the challenge being to answer 'yes' to as many as possible. Boldly designed, the Yes Test was a combination of infographic styling with the usefulness of a self-assessment tool. 

The Meeting Kit

As every marketer knows, the majority of downloads come from influencers rather than decision makers. Senior managers and budget holders are harder to reach, so we wondered what we could do to help get the issue of workforce management to permeate upwards within the target organisations.

Our idea was to help prospects have an internal meeting about workforce management; in this way, we could leverage the enthusiasm amongst some managers by making it easier for them to put it on their bosses' agendas.

The meeting kit comprised a Powerpoint presentation (or a huge poster-sized print-out) along with preparation questions. It provided the user all the tools they needed to manage a productive meeting if they wanted to get people talking about workforce management. There was a digital version and an off-line version, which sales teams could offer to their top prospects.

C-Level portrait

Decisions are frequently made lower down in an organisation, and approved from on high. This is a simplification, but an important point if we wanted Kronos to be accepted and approved by the C-level. Kronos need to gain awareness, along with a high-level understanding of what Kronos does.

We sent out framed portraits (gathered from publicly available images) composed of tiny pictures of other people photos. The accompanying line was "It's your people who make you look good" – reflecting how Kronos helps businesses to turn a workforce from a cost into a competitive advantage.