Identity (Business Express)


Experian is the leading global information services company, providing data and analytical tools to clients around the world. They help businesses manage their credit risk, prevent fraud, target marketing offers and automate decision-making. They also help people to check their credit report and credit score and protect against identity theft.

The Project:

Experian was launching Business Express, their new SME focused product range. Business Express is a great set of products useful for any small business. Experian had built the products but needed help with the interface design to differentiate it from their corporate products yet remain firmly on-brand.

Our Solution:

We designed the Business Express identity, created the new Information Architecture for the site helping users easily understand the product range and get them to the correct products faster, and finally, created a great product dashboard interface that really helped sell the product to users taking a free trial. It's all about simplicity, no-nonsense and good design.