SME Programme 


Edenred specialises in prepaid corporate services. Edenred offers solutions for employee benefits, business expenses management, motivation and rewards. The Group also supports public institutions in managing their social programmes. 41 million people benefit from Edenred solutions worldwide.

 The Project:

Edenred is a market leader in the employee benefits sector, it is doing most things right. But there were a few areas they felt needed improvement and we knew we could help them. One area in particular not being addressed was the cross-selling of services amongst smaller customers. Large corporates had account managers dedicated to working with sophisticated HR departments in managing equally sophisticated programmes, but smaller companies where not receiving the same support.

Research into the needs of those SMEs (companies below 250 employees) revealed a few things about decision makers:

  • They were unlikely to be as knowledgeable on employee benefits issues
  • They were unlikely to attach as much importance to them
  • They were unlikely to have a formally allocated a budget for employee benefits

This told us that they needed an entirely different support programme.

Our Solution:

We created e.plus. – a content and communications programme built around a few key ideas:

  • More supporting and less direct selling 
  • A friendlier, less corporate approach
  • Content and messages designed for specially for SMEs

Characterised by its friendly, illustration-based style, e.plus was a hub that contained the kind of things SMEs wanted. Tips on how to maximise retention, advice on burning issues (eg what on earth do you do about pensions auto-enrolment?) and step-by-step guides that trod the thin line between impenetrable jargon and patronising over-simplification. In short, we gave them what they wanted, supported by a structured email programme.

We also enrolled SME contacts into a scheme called e.plus discounts – giving decision makers a personal incentive to look forward to Edenred emails. E.plus Discounts took the exclusive High Street savings usually reserved to corporate customers, and made them available to all Edenred SME customers. A little touch that had great returns.