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Good old-fashioned direct mail + social media = wow!

May 19 2009 11:19 AM

Consider this recent story about hostingcompany Rackspace, reported by Spike on his excellent Morgonzola Monologue blog.It started when Rackspace ran a bizarre, but attention-grabbing, DM campaignabout how customer-focused they are. Or rather, customer-obsessed. So obsessed,in fact, that they did a parody of the ‘bunny-boiler’ Fatal Attraction movie,where Glenn Close couldn’t leave Michael Douglas alone and ended up boiling hispet bunny on the stove. To make the point that Rackspace offered “all theobsession, but none of the bunny boiling”, they sent out a saucepan and fluffybunny, along with a recipe for rabbit stew. All good fun, and high-impactstuff. But while Spike loved the DM, he couldn’t help mentioning on his blogthat the quote that Rackspace had promised earlier in the week still hadn’tarrived. Call that customer service?This is the sting in the tail. Rackspacewere so obsessed that they picked up on the blog almost immediately. Barry fromRackspace was on phone before you could say Fatal Attraction, explaining whatwas going on with the quote, restoring faith in the brand, and showing a realexample of customer obsession.And, of course, when you get customer servicelike that, you want to tell people about it - which is just what Spike did inhis blog update. So hats off to Rackspace for leading theway in both customer service and ground-breaking direct mail, and to Spike forrewarding good work with good publicity. Well done all.

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